Sculptra (For Brazilian Butt-Lift)

The Lunchtime Booty Lift That ACTUALLY Works

The Non-surgical Sculptra Butt Lift is a great procedure for someone who wants to improve the contour, shape, give lift, or provide modest increased volume to the buttock area without surgery.  Sculptra can also help address dimpling or irregularities on the buttock and thigh areas.  Patients who opt for Sculptra Butt Lifts typically do not want or are not candidates for surgery, or do not have enough fat to do a fat transfer butt augmentation.  Realistic expectations should be for modest volume increase over time.  Those who want more volume can opt for more sessions.

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Added volume on your behind has become increasingly popular with the rise of certain celebrities with shapely backsides. A traditional Brazilian butt lift required extracting fat with liposuction, but recent advancements have led using Scultra for this body-enhancing procedure. Many patients who want a shapelier behind do not have excess fat on the body that can be harvested for use in a traditional Brazilian butt lift. The use of Sculptra makes it possible to create a fuller, rounder butt without implants.

Sculptra is a dermal filler often used to resolve facial volume loss. The FDA-approved filler stimulates natural collagen growth, enhancing the structure from within. As your body produces more collagen, a plumping effect occurs, providing a subtle and natural improvement. Use of a dermal filler for a butt lift is a truly non-invasive method for balancing your body contour and providing a natural-looking lift.

Is the treatment permanent?

It will last up to 2 years in most patients, but one treatment once a year is important for maintenance. You don’t want to go from full to zero. It takes 45-90 days after the treatment to see the full results. This is because you are building your own collagen. You will most likely find that touch-up injections are required after two years to prolong the effects of your treatment.

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